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To reflect: 1) To return light

2) To thank deeply or carefully


I was drawn to working with mirror because of its ability to illuminate its surroundings. Light echoes from mirror in a way that reminds me of the sun glistening on ocean waves. Environments like the beach and the forest have always provided a source of inspiration for me. Over years of exploring the outdoors I have scavenged an array of natural materials, and you will find them scattered throughout this collection. Many of my pieces are biodegradable, and all of them consist of a recycled cardboard base. Authentic items from the earth are incredibly precious, and it is thrilling to work with something that has a limited lifespan. Crafting with delicate flowers and sharp mirrors remind me that we too have limited time, and we cannot take anything for granted.


"I love you night and day

as a star in the distant sky

and I mourn for this one thing alone. 

that to love, our lifetime was so short...

Like a flow'ring tree the world is blooming

Overwhelmed, my heart both cries and laughs."

                            - Eriks Esenvalds


The tunnel of carved marble that we leave behind is the window into our reality. I am so thankful to have shared my stories with so many imaginative friends and artists.

Mike Sullivan, January 2019